What to Expect at Class

Sunday Classes

Sunday classes are split into two parts

  1. The first 30 miniutes are designated for group discussion and working on a students person weapon of choice

  2. The last hour is focused on technique, blade interaction, and sparring

Wednesday Classes

Wednesday classes are split into two parts

  1. The first section of class is focused on exercise and fitness

  2. The latter half of class is an open gym for students to focus on areas of their choosing

Vaccine Requirement

Proof of Covid-19 vaccine is required to participate

Equipment Requirements

We have a limited supply of equipment that new students are able to borrow for a limited time. Students are expected to procure gloves and a synthetic weapon within the first few weeks of class so they can participate more fully in class. Eventually students may want to purchase a full kit and staff is more than happy to assist students in the selection process.